West Coast Amateur Football Club commenced in the WAAFL in 1984, the product of a merger between the City Beach All Stars and Floreat Marist Football Club. See here for pre-merger history.

Over the course of its 34 year history, the club has experienced numerous highlights, including a number of successful seasons in the WAAFL’s premier A Grade competition, culminating in arguably the pinnacle of West Coast's history, with the League team winning the A Grade Premiership in 1994 under the guidance of John Dimmer - who went on to coach West Perth to WAFL flags in 1995 and 1999, followed by premierships with South Fremantle in 2005 and 2009.

The club has provided a launching pad for a number of high-profile football careers. For example, Ken Judge took on his first senior coaching position at West Coast AFC in 1990-1991, before going on to coach 89 AFL games with Hawthorn (1996-1999) and 44 AFL games at the West Coast Eagles (2000-2001). Similarly, a number of future stars of the WAFL competition first cut their teeth at West Coast; they include Shane Beros (Swan Districts veteran and winner of the 2003 Sandover Medal), Corey Johnson (160 game midfielder at West Perth, who won the 2002 Simpson Medal, for best-on-ground in the annual state game) and Kim Rigoll (West Perth Premiership player in 1999 (Captain) and 2003).

1994 - A Grade premiership side, coached by John Dimmer

1994 - A Grade premiership side, coached by John Dimmer


In 2001, West Coast merged with Cowan University, to form West Coast Cowan Amateur Football Club. The success of this merger was confirmed later that year, when West Coast Cowan won the WAAFL's coveted Champion Club award in its inaugural season.

From its City Beach Oval base, West Coast Cowan enjoyed a relatively successful period. The B Reserve team won the 2001 Premiership; the B Colts team were 2003 Premiers; and the West Coast Cowan C League team - which included a number of players from the 2003 Colts Premiers - won the 2006 flag under the guidance of Tom Wagner. Having earned promotion back to B Grade in 2007, the League side achieved the remarkable feat of back-to-back flags that year.

After a number of years in A Grade, West Coast Cowan slipped back to B Grade in 2010. However, after a few years of consolidation on and off the field, with recently-renovated clubrooms, new floodlights and continued player development, the club entrenched itself back in A Grade from 2014, after narrowly losing the 2013 Grand Final to Kalamunda.

After a mixed 2017 season, the club finds itself back in B Grade and ready to consolidate for another tilt at the WAAFL's premier competition in the years ahead. With an outstanding young playing group, quality leadership and a strong club culture, success beckons for "the boys from ol' West Coast".

Since its genesis in 1984, West Coast has won 15 premierships. Including its pre-merger identities, that total rises to has won a total of 32 Premierships, making the Tigers one of most successful clubs in WAAFL history. We look forward to building on that record this year, which marks the club's 34th birthday and the 43 year of amateur football "down by the sea".

2007 - West Coast goes back to back in B Grade, coached by Tom Wagner

2007 - West Coast goes back to back in B Grade, coached by Tom Wagner

2017 - E2 premiership side, coached by Stephen King

2017 - E2 premiership side, coached by Stephen King

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Floreat Park

1969 - C League

1973 - B Reserve 



1971 - E Grade


Floreat Marist

1979 - E League


City Beach All Stars

1975 - E League

1981 - C League


T.C. Churchlands

1975 - D Grade

1976 - D Grade

1977 - E Grade

1977 - H Grade

1978 - E Grade



1983 - F Grade



1984 - E Grade

1990 - D Grade


Cowan University

1992 - C Colts

1994 - D Grade

1994 - I Grade


West Coast

1984 - B Colts

1985 - B Colts

1985 - D Colts

1986 - B Colts

1987 - B Grade

1987 - L Grade

1989 - F Grade

1994 - A League

1996 - H League

1997 - F League


West Coast Cowan

2001 - B Reserve

2003 - B Colts

2006 - C League

2007 - B League


West Coast

2017 - E2 Grade