Code of Conduct

West Coast Amateur Football Club is committed to providing recreational and sporting facilities for the Club’s members, supporting the game of Australian Rules Football in our local community, all the way from Auskick up to WAFL level.

In doing this, we expect members to uphold the values our club holds dear and adhere to the WAAFL's Spirit of the Gamestatement, with particular emphasis on the values of good sportsmanshipintegrity and mutual respect.

The club maintains a strong volunteer culture - many hands make light work. We expect members to treat the club as if it was their own home. You are always welcome, but do not wait to be asked to help - show initiative, take ownership.

Clubs such as ours provide members with a chance to achieve something, as a collective, which is far greater than that which any individual could achieve by themselves. The role of the Committee, Coaches and Leadership Group is to instil the club's values across the broader group, nurturing leadership skills in the next generation and helping to develop players into well­-rounded young men and valued members of the community. Football is simply the vehicle by which we do this.   

It is every member’s responsibility to ensure that this mantra is passed on to the next generation and that you leave the club in a better position than when you arrived. People move through the club as part of different eras, but responsibility for the club’s legacy rests with you.

  • Whether it be on a club jumper, shirt, singlet or otherwise, whenever you wear the mighty Tigers logo you represent West Coast Amateur Football Club and are expected to behave accordingly.
  • Play hard, play fair - abide by the rules of the AFL and WAAFL competition at all times.
  • The umpire is always right - we could not play football without them, we respect and value the crucial role that umpires play in our great game.
  • Recognise and abide by the responsible consumption of alcohol policies according to the Club, WAAFL and Liquor Licensing guidelines. All drinking of alcohol is banned outside the licensed area and will be policed. 
  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests whilst on club premises.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, race, religion, colour or cultural background. Vilification will not be tolerated under any circumstances. 

The club has adopted policies in respect of Vilification and DiscriminationRacial and Religious ToleranceRespect and ResponsibilityDisabilityBullyingRisk Management and maintaining a Healthy Club. These policies are available on the club's website and will be reviewed by the Committee from time to time. Members are expected to comply with the requirements of these policies, and may be subject to complaints processes in the event of any alleged breach.

Sam Birmingham